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Class Clash Arena Schedule

Hi TFTF community,

Believe it or not, I am a big fan of the class clash arenas.
My favorite one is the Brawler arena, as they are my favorite class (Primal, Tantrum, and MV1).
However, I enjoy using my Tacticians mop the floor against the arena Brawler team (Starscream vs Primal, Cyclonus vs MM, and Ultra Magnus vs any Brawler).
There's something nice about these class clash arenas that allow you to see certain bots shine.

It looks like there will be a Demo arena tomorrow.
I've kept track of these class clash arenas these past couple of months.
Here's what I have:

5/22/20 Demo
6/6/20 Scout
6/20/20 Brawler
7/11/20 Tactician
7/25/20 Tech
8/8/20 Warrior
8/21/20 Demo

The class clash arenas seem to happen every 2 weeks (except between Brawler and Tactician back in June/July) and Demo happens on Friday, rather than Saturday.
Can anyone else confirm this schedule is indeed the rotation? Thanks!
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