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New Update Idea: New spotlight/time slide difficulty + mod revamp

First of all, keep in mind that this is just an idea that I have been working on for a while now and thought that it was a good enough idea to suggest in the forums.

Also, I understand that we got all of the spotlight difficulties buffed in difficulty recently in the last big update, so I wouldn’t expect to see a version of this idea in the game for a couple of months at least.

Finally I realize that Kabam hasn’t finished their last set of goals and still need to put in a way for endgame players to use up their relic tickets after we have all the relics we want, which is why I will be incorporating an idea for this as well.

New spotlight/time slide difficulty idea:

This new spotlight/time slide difficulty could be called the “Titan” difficulty and it would be different from all of the other difficulties, because on top of some slightly increased stats, every bot on every path would get an extra mod, but not just any mod, one of the base defence mods. Each bot would be assigned a different mod that no matter what path they are on they would be using, they would be assigned according to what mods match their kit and/or what mods match the character itself, some examples of this could be, Bonecrusher with the harm accelerator, G1 Optimus, MV1 Optimus and Primal on the prime module and ratchet on the tech console. Each mod would give its stats to it’s assigned bot along with it’s abilities just like in raids on top of the mods given on the path it’s on based on the commander and prime difficulties.

To make this difficulty fair for everybody to be able to complete with enough skill consistently, this difficulty should allow players not only to use their regular bots, but be able to assign each bot a different mod to use in this mission (but not the ones on base defence).

Rewards: I think that we are already getting very good rewards from spotlights so I think the rewards for this difficulty should just be “Bonus Cookies” so to speak, in that it does not set players back very much if they are not able to get the rewards for this difficulty. Some ideas for these rewards would be some extra T4 class spark crystal shards, maybe some more 4-star mod crystals, a couple of the 3-4 star exclusive mod crystals and finally putting in a coveted T3 mod class spark crystal.

Mod revamp idea:

Their isn’t much reason for players to work on ranking up and max forging their mods except for uses on base defence currently in the game and I think that this idea should help change that. My idea is having a place in the game where players could fight using both their regular bots and their base defence mods to get some reasonable rewards, such as the idea mentioned above, which was to make the new spotlight difficulty fair to all players they should be not only able to use their bots, but be able to pair them up with their base defence mods as well.

Along with this, since this would make mods more valuable for players to upgrade in the game, they should become easier to get and upgrade. If they chose to add a new spotlight difficulty, they could be rewarded from completing and exploring the new difficulty, otherwise it would be wherever they decided to make mods playable in game.

Relic Ticket idea: I have two ideas of how to fix the relic ticket problem and they both include mods:

- The first idea is, since exclusive mods are so difficult to find currently, players should be able to use their relic tickets to buy 3 and 4 star versions of those exclusive mods.

- The second idea is if you decide to use the spotlight difficulty suggested above and include 3-4 star exclusive mod crystals there, then you could possibly introduce 5-star mods into the game and, similar to the Titan fragment store, there would be a store where players could buy five star mods, the prices could be 5 relic tickets for a regular mod and 10 tickets for an exclusive mod.

In conclusion, for the people at Kabam, feel free to play around with any of these ideas and change them around as needed. Also, don’t feel obligated to put these ideas in the game, feel free to take the time needed to implement them if you do put them in the game, and in summary all I would like is a new spotlight difficulty that isn’t just bots with buffed stats from Commander and Prime difficulties and a place where players can use both bot and mods in battles.

For everyone else, try and suggest some improvements that could be made to these ideas or just say whether or not you would like something along these lines in the game.


  • "Also, don’t feel obligated to put these ideas in the game" -- *sigh of relief* when Kabam people see this.
  • TechnobotTechnobot Posts: 661
    edited September 2020
    I will still argue that Exclusive Mods should be added to the Premium, 3*, & 4* Mod Crystals. Relic Tickets are supposed to be for exactly that... Relics. (Full Disclosure: I have 147 Relic Tickets at the moment... and I know some of the top players have at least double that total. At this point, I’m only exploring Spotlight Missions for the Monthly Objectives... the Relic Tickets are more of a bonus I don’t need, but will still take. If Kabam wanted to create a 100-ticket Relic, great; if not, meh.)

    I do wish Kabam would revamp the Rank up requirements for R4 & R5 4* Mods, making the Mod Tier Spark Requirement T2m instead of T3m (T3m Sparks do not exist currently in the game). Having all 10 Basic 4* Mods stuck on R3 Max is frustrating... especially for the 7 I currently have on Base Defense. Imagine what a Max’d 4* HA or 4* RR Mod would be like.
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