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Who should i choose

Hi there hope you all are good yeah i ranked 4* megatron ROTF and he will be maxed out as soon as posible, but with him i need to rank up anothet one who will be ranked up too


  • Legen10Legen10 Posts: 70
    edited September 10
    Here you go who of these 2pdxstwe0ge3.png
    O q5vrubceb27b.png
  • Id say galvatron, his damage is incredible and he hits waaaaaay harder than Demotron(not bashin in who you like more). Grindor is only good at a high sig. Shockwave is a great choice too if you need a power controller. Cyclonus for buff control. Tantrum if you have the playstyle... jazz only if you have the Prime Wars trilogy Optimus. Screamer isalright but cyclonus is way better at contolling buffs if thats what you need. Soundwave is utter garbage so forget he even exists lol
  • Legen10Legen10 Posts: 70
    Thx i will take galvatron, i took demotron only becuse his unsopable and repair, thx again
  • Legen10Legen10 Posts: 70
    At last im planing to buy teir3 galvatron relic
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