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Tier list

/ needs time to ramp up
! Needs to be awakened
+High sig required
% synergies
- needs high skill

Primus tier:
Tacts Brawlers Warriors Scouts Tech Demo
DotM Bee/!+ Mv1 Scorponok/- Windblade% Mirage/!+ Megatronus
OGP!/% Thundercracker!- Drift/ Prowl!- Wheeljack! Ironhide!+
OGM!/% Jetfire- Galvatron%

Prime tier:
Cyclonus% Tantrum/- Hot Rod/!+%- Jazz% Shockwave
Primal Necrotronus Cheetor!% Ratchet-%

Dinobot%- Motormaster/%- Bonecrusher/!+- Kickback% Rhinox% Megatron(RotF)/%
Nemesis/!+ Grindor!+- OGBee!+- Blaster Mixmaster/!
Ultra Magnus/ Grimlock/!- Sideswipe-

Elite Gaurd tier:

Starscream!- Hound/!+- Barricade!- Soundwave!+- Waspinator%-

Cannon fodder tier:
Sharks(excluding S1000)!+%

Any questions, concerns, quibbles, cucumber or cake? Ok lol but serioisly what do yall think of this tier list? If there are any questions, ask away! Amy suggestions? Ill implement them if need be


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