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Looking for an alliance

Guys im still growing player im still looking for alli rating 2.mil and plays AM diff 40 at least explore one bg


  • Picture of my accirvyl8e24wtt.png
  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    Get a LINE account and find me. I’ll help you get into a good alliance.

    LINE Name: jimmysab
  • I tried to istall line it just loads up agai and again tried every thing could we be friends in game so you could tell me there
  • Well you could join my Alliance: [DTMS] Till All Are One.
    My in-game name is: Blaze Yagami
  • We are looking for active players. Right now we do D37 AM but looking to increase. ln8njgqc4dnu.jpeg
    Username is MacPrime my alliance is LostLight. Come find us!
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