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Overlord’s Favor arena rewards

I don’t understand the rationale behind the rewards for the Overlord’s Favor arena. The top rank prize is ... 10,000 bot chips? To finish in rank 1-30 you need to grind basically all day and your reward is something you can easily get with a couple away missions and raids. What’s the point? Shouldn’t the rewards be increased significantly? Am I wrong?


  • Overlord's flavor is waste of time, yeah ur right redawrds are garbage.
  • It's an event meant for new players while veterans can took a week off.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    I've learned if you do just a couple of rounds each day that, along with daily missions and such, you can average 750k chips a month without even trying.
    Those are good to just catch up if you need to.
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