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Is he good?

MegaStrikersMegaStrikers Posts: 264
edited September 2020 in General Discussion
I recently pulled out a 5 star Ramjet, so I don't really know if he's a good bot or not. Is he? Please tell me how he's good as well :D.

Is he good? 12 votes

8% 1 vote
Only good when you play him well (Pls tell how)
25% 3 votes
58% 7 votes
8% 1 vote


  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    Try him out and see if you like using him. I don’t think his sig makes that much of a difference. Look at his synergies too. There’s one that boosts his stun. Personally, I don’t use him other than in arenas, but YMMV.
  • Cr4zy_WheeljackCr4zy_Wheeljack Posts: 544
    edited September 2020
    I'd say Ramjet is a pretty good bot.
    He ain't anything special but if you build up those special damage buffs he will do a lot of damage.
    Not as much as Ironhide or Galvatron but he does what he does.
  • YoguiYogui Posts: 39
    Use him as normal. Launch some attacks and use heavies when being blocked, His sig can help a lot at high levels and you'll get a special buff practically with every heavy. The stuns are pretty useful cause if you have like 1.5/1.7 of a power bar and connect a sp1 you can easelly stun the oponent with a heavy, launch some ranged/melee attacks and get another power bar and do it again and keep the oponent stunned for a long consecutive times, The resistance reduction debuff is useful too if you need it. I love that every demo that have resistance reduction debuffs(wasp and ramjet)are gerenal debuffs and not separated in physical and energetic
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