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The Transformers Forged to Fight community has officially moved to Discord. For all the latest news and updates, join us here!

Migrating Our Community to the Official Transformers: Forged to Fight Discord Server


Since launching the Transformers: Forged to Fight Discord Server, many of our players have created a lively and bustling Community there. Conversations are always flowing, and the server continues to grow daily!

As a Company, we’ve made the choice to use Discord as a central Community platform for most of our games moving forward, and are focussing on growing our presence on our official Discord Servers. Since the Discord server is already where most of the action is for our Commanders, we’re going to be archiving the Transformers: Forged to Fight forums on October 8.

You can still look forward to all of the announcements and information you’re used to seeing on the Forums in the Server. All of our Spotlight Mission info, Bots of the month, and all other new information and updates. This platform also allows us to have more direct interaction, sometimes between Commanders and the developers, writers, and creators of Forged To Fight themselves.

All of the content on the Forums will remain visible for your reference, but you will no longer be able to make new threads or comments.

We are excited to continue conversations, observations, and shared fandom of all the events that continue to unfold on New Quintessa. So we look forward to seeing you soon on Discord!

Keep the conversation and the fight going! Join us on our Discord server now!
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