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Game Freezing or Crashing loading or during a fight

I had a quick peak and didn't see this reported yet. Since the last 2.0.2 update several members of my alliance, including myself, have been experiencing game crashes. In the last 24 hours during our alliance mission, I've had the game freeze when loading an alliance mission battle. It would get stuck at the autobot/decepticon badge twirl while it was loading a fight. It would never recover and the game would have to be restarted. After entering the alliance mission map again, the bot used to go into the battle's health would be reduced although the opponent bot's life was still full. This seems like a unfair penalty for issues with the game. Game freezing and lock ups can be tolerated but then to receive a penalty to your own bot's life as a result isn't fair. Please either correct the issues or remove the penalty.


  • Happens all the time. Crashes during load screen before AM battle. Frustrating
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    happened to me a few times mostly during arenas and sometimes AM as well. argh.
  • kyrantskyrants Posts: 1
    Happens to me a fair bit in AM and other modes, but it's more annoying in AM as you lose 50% of your health.

    Also, when it freezes during a fight, it comes back after 2 minutes and leaves you with 30 seconds to finish the fight.

    If you get timedout, you are KOd which is very frustrating.
  • Also lose half health when playing special missions, which is really frustrating when it happens more than once during a single run, particularly on the most difficult missions. The best thing that could happen - other than actually fixing the problem - is to remove these penalties for the time being.
  • It's been happening to me ever since the game first came out.
  • SaYnTSaYnT Posts: 87
    It's taking them so long to fix the problem, I'm starting to think it's a cash grab for them. Attempting to do the final route on the special mission on Hard difficult, it crashed twice on me attempting to load a match. Yeah twice! Taking that penalty is pretty much making it impossible to finish this route with my current lineup, which forces to use heals and revives, which costs energon (and money if don't have any) ...

    The crashing is completely ruining the game for me.
  • Hey All,

    I just wanted to pop in and say that we are aware of issues like this, and are working as hard as possible to improve this situation. You see, this isn't a very easy stability fix to make. Crashes might all look the same from the outside, but under the hood, they are all very different, and affect different devices in different ways.

    There are tens of thousands of different kinds of devices that have been used to play this game. Each and every one is slightly different, and each of them have different device settings. This could be anything from a power save mode being on, to a "game optimizer" mode, or just background apps that are taking up resources.

    Rest assured, we are working on improving stability across all devices and platforms, but this will not be a quick fix. We wish it could be. We don't want to have bugs or stability issues any more than you do. We don't benefit from the game crashing when it frustrates players. We want to have the best game on the market, and a buggy game is not going to be it.
  • SaYnTSaYnT Posts: 87
    Thanks for getting back to us Mike, please be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you and your team in finding and fixing the issues.
  • @Kabam Miike
    Thanks for the update, Miike. We appreciate it. I have said before and will say again that it would be a great show of respect to your customers if you would eliminate all the health penalties for the time being. As always, I understand the reason for wanting to include those penalties but wish you guys would remove them until stability is improved.

    But I really do appreciate you weighing in. Cheers.
  • Hello I need someone need fixing the alliance mission freeze game when loading that is for my friend complain about that so need sort that out plz from me
  • My friend is piss off when he pick 2 bots to during the fight in the alliance mission and both been dead by crash loading game so plz sort out
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