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My Final Plea to Kabam concerning Exclusive Mods & Ranking Up 4* Mods

I have been advocating this for some time, but with the Forums about to close, I figured I would make one last attempt.

I am grateful for Kabam adding Exclusive Bots into the Premium Bot, 3* Bot, & 4* Bot Crystals. It has been one of the best additions to the game in the past year & has given newer fighters an opportunity to boost their rosters.

It is time to do something similar with respect to the Exclusive Mods.

It has been over a year since the last Exclusive Mod offer was given. We want the opportunity to get some of the Exclusive Mods we haven’t had a chance to acquire. I have about 100+ Premium, 3*, & 4* Mod Crystals unopened because I just don’t feel the need to open them. I have every Standard Mod as a 4* Duped and currently sitting at R3. I want to have a reason to open Mod Crystals again. It’s time. Please consider adding Exclusive mods into the Premium, 3*, & 4* Mod Crystals.

And while you are considering that, also consider changing the Tier Mod Sparks requirement to go from R3 to R4 and R4 to R5 for 4* Mods. There are no T3m Sparks available in the game. Please consider changing the Tier Mod Sparks requirement for R4 & R5 to 2 T2m & 3T2m respectively. It would help add some spice into Base Defenses.

I think these simple changes would help out greatly. It would all give us a chance to acquire some great Mods that are right now almost impossible to get & allow some of us a chance to finally max out 4* Mods.

Thank you for your time @Kabam Vydious & @Kabam Miike .
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