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What's up with These Arena Matchups?

Mil10KMil10K Posts: 3
edited July 2017 in General Discussion

So apparently, I've been on a crappy streak in the arena due to these difficult matchups I've been having. As evidenced, my strongest bots are within the 300's when I'm put up against those in the 400's-500's already. (I even enroll 100 level bots to face against 200-300's already for Primus's sake!)

Am I supposed to have to put up with this difficulty scale now going forward? This is all the more discouragement for me to not do arena for Hot Rod anymore.... If anything, I wish the match making system could be more fair at least. It's troublesome enough the app does not read my left thumb well to dodge and block, I just want some leverage doing pvp. Thanks, sigh


  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Streak 8-15 is increasingly hard matchups. After that it's only easy fights. It's like a rite of passage :)
  • Ive got worse i was fighting lvl 2000 bots when my max bot was 1000... my total rating was 2000 and then their total rating was 6000... i jsut got rekt and lost my 14 win streak :(
  • i can never get all 7 milestones because of this matchup system i can only get to the 6th milestone
  • FYI...If u upgrade all ur 2* bots to max u should never have to worry about hard again for 3* arena.
  • Trust me it gets even worse, but over time you'll get better with the game mechanics and be able to tackle bots with much greater advantages. It's mainly about coaxing out that Special 2 so that they don't use an unavoidable S3.

    Previous suggestions were correct on maxing out 2 star bots. The enemies in the arena can't get stronger than the level cap. In a way, using 2 star bots at max level makes for a nice little arcade mode for casual players.
  • This game you gotta understand how it works. Best option is to spend some time reading the official game guide, and on YouTube following some game guides. The actual fights are only half the game - the other half is strategy, working with people, learning how the game works etc
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