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Tier 1 alpha sparks and Raids

HI Kabam,
I am finding it near impossible in regards to obtaining enough shards to get anywhere near ranking up a 4 star to rank 2
currently it appears 2/3 people I encounter on Raid Shards are having 1 or 2 bots on base instead of a maxed out 7 which means the amount of raids shards is incredibly low due to the raid Alliane quest that has been up previously
Needing 1000 shards for each T1 alpha spark shard and requiring 2 and each Tier1 alpha sparks require 180000 shard which menas one would need close to 1/3 of a million (360000 shards)
I understand this is beat testing and I understand that want to make it not easy but when an alliance quest changes the whole dynamics of getting shards, I find this quite frustrating.
Just a suggestion: maybe when you raid you receive the amounts of raid shards multiplied by how many bots on your base.it would mean people with one bot playing defensively would earn less than those who have a maxed out base.
It would also encourage people in your previous alliance quest to max out base and creat mutual benefits for all players

Thanks for reading


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    edited March 2017
    It's 10000 shards do your math again , with that being said it's beta they are slowing our progress
  • Thank you for that
    so 100 alpha spark essence at 18000 raid shards
    10000 alpha spark essence makes 1 800 000 which means 3.6 Million raid shards

    I might just go back to sleep lol
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    People have already formed alpha sparks it's a grind Bc of beta.... you can also get shards from alliance mission I've seen up to 3k in an am crystal
  • @Oracleznz , As for me - I think that high costs of alpha sparks just awesome! Because to rank higher - you should work hard and it's increases the value of your bot. And also this ranking mechanics makes rankings and progression more fair, fluent and competitive - you can't buy it with energon, you can't get it doing nothing. If you see person with 4* R2/3* R3 or higher bots - you will know that this person worked damn hard to upgrade his bots.

    Cheers and happy raiding!
  • Hey All,

    I'm not going to say exactly how, but as we move into Global Launch, we do have plans to make it easier to collect Shards for Catalysts. This may take some time to get out (we want to keep progression and balance in mind), but we're currently exploring exactly how we can do this.
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