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Faster Energy recharges

Having unlimited energy is a buzz kill since everyone would go all out and soon get bored at the same rate. However having a very small stack of energy is also a headache, because playing the daily Spark Mission itself takes away around 50 Energy so afterwards it’s a wait for a few hours for energy to recharge. If you don’t have nothing else to do in life but wait for the energy to recharge then its fine but for the normal folk who have work and studies, all we get is just a maximum of 2 to 3 hrs of game play a day and at the current stats, energy runs out in the first 30 mins and you are stuck. To add to the sorrow the per node energy requirement keeps on increasing with the ACTS but the maximum energy limit increases by just one each time you level up.

I request Kabam as well as every fellow players to request the makers for an energy bump or a faster energy recharge. I honestly love playing this game as well as being part of an alliance but being unable to play a single level in ACT on a weekday just because I used up all my on the daily T2 crystal is kinda cruel. On weekends I do get time to wait 4hrs for the energy to recharge but the funny part is that on weekends the Alliance missions come up and with it goes my best bots and also my chance at winning a tough Chapter.

If anyone from Kabam is actually reading this, then I would also like to request you to reduce the dependency of the game on internet connectivity at every single stage. Not all of us have high speed internet connectivity round the clock (Not your problem but still. . .a humble request from a sincere gamer).


  • The help request every hour plus the additional 3 energy is actually really nice. So you can technically get an extra 13 energy every hour if you're in an active alliance, plus the 10 you'll get from the timer. Actually a huge improvement over MCoC. Or you can buy energy refills with energon.
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