Announcing a Special Alliance Mission Series!


For this upcoming series of Alliance Missions, we’re going to be doing something a little different!

For this next series of Alliance Missions (starting Saturday, July 15) only, any Bots you take into an Alliance Mission will still be available for use in other Missions! That means that you can bring your A-Game to Alliance Missions, and also use those same Bots in the new Spotlight Missions, Story Missions or Daily Missions! However, they will still be locked out of Raids, Base Defense, and Away Missions, so keep that in mind!

We’re also going to be temporarily removing the start cost on Shattered Lands for Difficulties 1 - 15! This does mean that you’ll earn less Gold by completing those maps as well, but this is a good way to save Gold for a week, and also try a different difficulty level if you’ve been playing the Forgotten Realm map, or a lower difficulty of the Shattered Lands map.

Why are we doing this? To encourage our Commanders to try a higher difficulty of Alliance Missions! By doing a higher difficulty level, you’ll be able to earn more points, which means being able to achieve more Milestone Rewards! Those Milestones include more Rank Up materials, as well as Bot Crystal shards in the Alliance Mission Completion event!

We’ve noticed that a lot of Alliances are continuously attempting difficulty levels that they are completely overqualified for, so use this opportunity to strive for what you believe your Alliance is most capable of, without worrying about tying up your best Bots! This might just help you realize that you’re much stronger than you think you are!
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