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New Crystals to purchase?

Most of us know the feeling. opening a hard earned premium bot crystal and getting one away from a 4 star bot, when it lands on a 2 star bone crusher. What if we could purchase 3 star crystals or 4 star crystals? it might be abused but i'm tired of nonstop duplicate 2 star's.


  • Jones117aJones117a Posts: 39
    Try spending your energon on doing well in alliance events/arena and getting 3*\4* shards, that might be more worthwhile.
  • Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know if an outright purchase for 3 and 4-star crystals is something that we'll do, but we're certainly happy to hear player feedback.

    In the meantime, this Support Page has some additional information on how you can acquire more 4-star Bots in the game!
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    If you finish hard mode of spotlight you can do this
  • Kabam don't give a **** about us. Its all about making money here. The chance of getting 3* is slim and a 4* just pray to be super lucky. Why can't they offer 3* & 4* energon purchase it because they keep wanting you to spend more money. All the spinning is pre set already.
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