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150 E for crystals

Spending 100 energonfor crystals can be tough enough when duplicates keep popping up, but having the same odds when spending 150 on a featured special crystal & still getting the same duplicates is complete nonsense. So that undoubtedly makes one very apprehensive about spending actual money to get duplicate crystals too.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    Sooooo... Don't spend the energon on the feature crystals. Problem solved
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 395
    Manthro: Not taking part in a promotion doesn't fix something that is inherently wrong with it. I get the pet peev of getting some duplicates (personally, I like duplicates for my G1 Optimus and my Ironhide and Sideswipe) with the 100 energon crystal, but the extra 50 energon for a promo crystal and getting the same results is just wrong (one same result, maybe just random bad chance, but consistently same results for the 150 energon crystal is more than just bad chance).

    This issue could easily be solved by inserting maybe a 50/50 chance for a "reroll" if a bot is selected that's a duplicate and/or including a REALLY good chance to at least get a 2 star version of the bot that is being highlighted. That doesn't hurt anyone, and actually would make people feel a little more satisfied that they got a 2 star of the one being promoted at the very least. That would take the sting out of the cost of the extra 50 energon spent, and probably make people even more likely to get more of those crystals so even if they get a 2 star then getting more of that promoted 2 star would at least awaken their special ability. Doesn't hurt Kabam any and actually encourages people to get more energon.
  • DzSlootsDzSloots Posts: 87
    edited July 2017
    Actually would be cool if they put the 2 star version in the featured crystals as well. I don't really care for raiding much so it'd be a cool alternative to get them there. Doubt it'll happen though.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited July 2017
    The extra 50 energon unlocks the possibility of getting the feature bot, it doesn't guarantee it whatsoever.

    So you're really just spending 150 energon on a PBC with a wider selection of bots. Why would you think the odds of rolling rare bots are any better than normal? The only difference is that IF the crystal rolls a 3* or 4* bot, it has a higher chance of being the feature bot. That's it.

    The description is right there in front you. There is nothing "inherently wrong" with the cost of the crystal or the probability of rolling a bot you want. The only problem is player's comprehension of it.

    Just don't buy it if that bothers you. Buy it only if you really really want to have those feature bots ahead of the pack, and be willing to keep spending until you get it.
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    Yea or don't buy crystals and save your shards there's an idea..... the chance is so slim the bet the featured bot and everyone knows this
  • ShockwaveShockwave Posts: 15
    edited July 2017
    I bought 5 Enraged crystals and got 5 duplicates, I find no point in them except that you have to spend more for the mere 0.00000000001% chance of getting the featured bot...
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    edited July 2017
    guess u guys didn't play MCOC previously it was the same over there.

    after that 3*, 4* then 5* shards became more and more accessible and available for free. Same thing will happen here in due time. Come back after 1-2 years and it will be an entirely different game.
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    edited July 2017
    Welcome to gacha games. This design is not new and has been around for years. It's industry standard. There is no point trying to seek change.

    It will not change and the entire monetisation system is built on it. The best thing to do is to understand the system and play within the system in whatever financial level makes you comfortable.

    Buying crystals are designed and targeted at whales only. They're not actually meant for regular players getting 5-10 crystals. The chance is deliberately low for whales to spend large amounts of money. For a regular player it's a pure gamble and expectations must be made low to avoid disappointment.

    People that don't understand the model or the rates are sadly just collateral damage.

    Clearly displaying rates would help fix this. Whales will still whale, they know the deal and don't care. It hasn't stopped the whales in other games.

    For non-whales, energon should be spent on other things to expand the game and give more freedom to play such as recharges and raid tickets.

    Only big spenders should be looking at the lottery crystals.
  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 286
    edited July 2017
    The advantage to buying the featured crystal for 50E more than a normal Premium Crystal is that the featured bot is included a chance in that crystal - whereas the only other way to get that bot would be to arena grind (only top 50 will get it that way), or wait until it is released in the normal Premium crystals (which usually takes several months).

    You are paying an extra amount at a CHANCE at getting that bot. The crystal is the exact same crystal as the Premium crystal, but with this included new bot as well.

    People who make these posts just need to learn how to accept risks. There is nothing FORCING you to make these purchases. The purchase of a crystal - ANY crystal - comes with a risk. Even if you were opening up a 4-Star bot crystal, you still have a chance of getting a bot you already have and duping it over and over again. Very rarely will there ever be an offer that includes a specific bot at a specific star level for you to buy. Thats just not how this game works.

    Learn to accept the risk, or just dont purchase the crystals. There is very little else in this game you can spend Energon on besides some health pots and such - so if you are not spending it on crystals, then what are you spending them on? Also, you can earn energon in several different ways - so its not like the only way to purchase these crystals is by spending real money. Ive spend a grand total of $5 on this game and have a pretty decent 3* roster I think - several of which I received from the Waspinator featured crystals.

    Personally, I save up my energon until they do an offer for 10-15 Featured crystals for like 1000 energon. I find that to be a good deal and I accept the risk that, I might open all 10 and get all duplicates. BUT, I MIGHT also get the featured bot, or some other bot I need. The only way to really get bots without doing arena is to open up crystals....so, thats what you do.
  • Gannicus_0Gannicus_0 Posts: 34
    I really don't see what the problem is. If you don't want to spend extra for the same dubs then stick to the premium. If you want to gamble more buy the featured. Not that complicated
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