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Raid Store PERMANENT Bot Purchase

fs0000fs0000 Posts: 4
edited July 2017 in General Discussion
Hey everyone,

I am a really big fan of this game (been playing since launch) and I got to say I really love the idea of purchasing characters through the raid store; It's a nice little addition that doesn't hurt the "economy" of the game (since they're always 2 stars).

Anyways I was wondering if Megatron is coming to the raid store as well since that's apparently what happened to the last 2 bots (though you jumped right over the bots that came after Waspinator [Why?]) and if you guys were considering making this a permanent feature since it's one of the only things in the game that actually feels rewarding for spending a bit of time (Get 1000 points --> Get the bot , instead of the rest like: Purchase Energon --> Get a Crystal --> Get 2* Most of the Time or Do a bunch of missions to get Energon --> Buy Crystal --> Get 2* Most of the time).

That being said, in my opinion this feature is one of the best things in the game right now and maybe it's just the frustation of having opened around 15 crystals a few minutes ago and got nothing but 2* stars, but I would enjoy seeing this feature pop up after every last arena appearance of a new character.

Thanks for reading.


  • mdmx88mdmx88 Posts: 4
    i agree got th3 same deal 15 crystals and all dups
  • Hey there fs0000!

    We currently have a thread up where Commanders are sharing ideas for the Raid store here. Since we already have a thread open on this topic, I'll close this one down. If you have additional questions, you're welcome to ask over on the thread linked above! Thanks!
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