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Ideas to improve the gaming experience!

WunWun420WunWun420 Posts: 41
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Hello guys,

Because of my personal dissapointments with TFTF I started this topic to search, with the community, ideas to improve the game.
I will be glad to see any ideas and maybe with some collective work we will be able to make a difference!

1. Algorithm for PBC or any other crystals! My ideea is to create an algorythm for opening PBC. Basically what i was thinking is that the chances to get a 3* bot or 4* to increase exponentially after we open crystals. If the chance is 1% for a 3* bot at begining, after 3 crystals make it grow to 2%, after another 3 crystals 3% and so on until we get the 3*, after that reset back to start, same for 4*. This is the first ideea and it can be worked on!
2. Please make maps for missions so we can proper plan our routes
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