Changes to Shattered Lands & Forgotten Ruins Crystals, and a Special Alliance Mission Series

Hey Everybody!

We hope you all enjoyed the changes from this last series of Alliance Missions. The next series of Alliance Missions will once again have your Bots back to only being able to join either Solo Missions OR Alliance Missions, but we are leaving difficulties 1 through 15 on the Shattered Lands map as free entry for now.

We do, however have another couple changes coming your way! First off, we’ll be permanently updating the Shattered Lands and Forgotten Ruins Crystals to focus more on ranking and progressing your rosters!

The new updated Forgotten Ruins crystal will feature:

Tier 1 Sparks
Tier 1 Alliance Team and Single Revives
1000 Gold
Tier 2 and 3 Ore

The new updated Shattered Lands crystal will feature:

Tier 2 Basic Sparks
Tier 2 Class Spark Essence (500 Essence)
Tier 1 Alpha Spark Essence (1000 or 2000)
Tier 1 Alpha Sparks
Tier 2 Alliance Team and Single Revives
Tier 3 Basic Spark Essence (500)
Tier 3 Basic Sparks

There is no finite time at which the crystal will be updated, but will definitely be completed by the time the new series of Alliance Missions starts.

Along with the crystal changes, we do have something new planned for you guys!

For this next series of Alliance Missions starting on July 23rd, we’re introducing a purchasable Alliance Mission Energy item! This is an item that, when used, will give you 1 more Alliance Mission energy. It’s an excellent way to finish a lane or unblock an Alliance mate when time is limited, or to push for the win when there isn’t much time left!

These items will only be on sale for a limited time (from the start up until the end of the event) and will have a purchase limit of 5 per day, with scaling costs on each. The first will be 30 Energon, followed by 45, 60, 75, and finally 90 Energon.

Now, remember that defeating the Boss early will not mean that you will be able to start a new Alliance Mission earlier than anybody else. Those who choose to buy energy will not have access to points others don’t, it just allows for a bit more freedom under time constraints. The Alliance Mission will still continue for 24 hours, as they always do. 5 Missions per event is still the maximum anyone can run.

These Energy refill items will also have a very short time in your stash, and will likely expire before the start of the next Alliance Mission series, so don’t buy more than you will need!

Remember, this is once again only a temporary introduction! So try it out!
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