Best and worst bots of each class

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I want to know who best and worst bots of each class are(in YOUR OPINION) in the game?Let me know your thoughts


  • Here are my opinions:

    TACTICIAN CLASS: Best = Optimus Prime (Combiner Wars);
    *There aren't any bad Bots for this class, in my opinion.

    WARRIOR CLASS: Best = Hot Rod (The Last Knight), Worst = Arcee (Combiner Wars);
    SCOUT CLASS: Best = Prowl (Combiner Wars), Worst = Windblade (Combiner Wars);
    TECH CLASS: Best = Soundwave (Combiner Wars), Worst = Mirage (Combiner Wars);
    DEMOLOTIONS CLASS: Best = Megatron (ROTF), Worst = Waspinator (Beast Wars);
    BRAWLER CLASS: Best = Grimlock (G1), Worst = Grindor (ROTF).

    I hope i have helped. Here are all results together, in my opinion:

    MY PREFERED BOT(s): Hot Rod (The Last Knight) & Prowl (Combiner Wars);
    THE BOT(s) I HATE: Grindor (ROTF) & Mirage (Combiner Wars).
  • Tactician: G1 Prime - Special Attacks
    Brawler: MV1 Prime - Raw Stats
    Warrior: Bonecrusher - Opponent bleed on crits
    Scout: Windblade - Stuns bleeding opponents
    Tech: Soundwave - Reflect Ranged
    Demo: Ironhide - Signature
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    Mirage doesn't get much love, but I would choose him over a any other bot when going against a demo bot. His shield and sig ability are pretty beast.

    The only other bot I like that hasn't been mentioned much is Barricade. If you play his power steal and backfire right u can be as aggressive as u want and never have to worry about the opponents special attacks. The dumbest part of this game is when you have to dance around for ever trying to bait a sp2....

    I also have a hard time saying which bot is best because I like different bots for different parts of the game. In the arena I don't really care how much health I have left, I just need to win the fight. Other areas of the game are different because you need your bot to last.

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    Tech: Sound and Mirage, shock, reflect, and shield
    Demo: Iron and Mix, IH sig boost and MMs' S3
    Scout: Prowl, melee charge, power drain and lock, and killer shoty shot shot.
    Warrior: Bludgeon, stun and bleed.
    Brawler: geez all of them have good attributes but I'd go for MV1, and grim for bleed and fire attacks, if they would fix grindors missiles then he would be there instead of mv1, in my opinion.
    Tacticians: yes CW prime for his breech and armor break, and I gotta defend Ultra Magnus here, his hammer armor break is great against grind or and MV1, plus the melee boost erase from shots to motor and grim make them too easy, plus his damages reduction from energy or hits make him a more than just base food, oh his sig makes him hit harder or take more damage. But we all play how we like.
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    Just gonna rank them straight up L to R = best to worst (usable bots only)
    T: OGP, Bee, UM
    B: MV1, GL, MM, Grindor
    W: Drift, BC, Arcee, Blud, HR* (I only played HR as a 2* and don't really get him yet)
    S: WB, Prowl, Barricade, SS
    T: Mirage, Rhinox, SW, Ratchet
    D: IH, Mega, Mix, Wasp

    But it's a pretty close call within each group, especially scout and tech. And some bots are clearly more suited to certain uses than others
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    Each are from best to worst IMO:

    BRAWLER: Motormaster, OP MV1, Grindor (havnt played Grimlock much) - Best Class ATM
    DEMOLITION : Megatron, Ironhide, Mixmaster, Waspintator.
    SCOUT: Prowl, Barricade, Windblade, Sideswipe.
    TACTICIAN : CW Optimus Prime, Bumblebee,
    Ultra Magnus.
    TECH: Mirage, Soundwave, Rhinox, Ratchet.
    WARRIOR : Bonecrusher, Hot Rod, Drift, Blungeon, Arcee.
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    Thanks for the opinions guys
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    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Thanks for the opinions guys

    Hey bro you also play mcoc?username gunz27?
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    Spidey076 wrote: »
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Thanks for the opinions guys

    Hey bro you also play mcoc?username gunz27?
    Yeah, I play Mcoc, but that's not my username lol

  • Gunz0, wich is your username in Forged to Fight? (I'd like to add you to my private chat)
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    My rankings, best to worst:
    BRAWLER: Grindor, Motormaster, Grimlock, MV1 Prime
    WARRIOR: Bonecrusher, Bludgeon, Hot Rod, Drift, Arcee
    SCOUT: Windblade, Barricade, Sideswipe (Don't have Prowl yet)
    TECH: Soundwave, Mirage, Rhinox, Ratchet
    DEMO: Mixmaster, Ironhide, Waspinator (0/11 on trying for Megatron, totally got KABAM'd out of $30)
    TACTICIAN: G1 Prime, Ultra Magnus, Bumblebee
    I think that's everyone
  • Tactician-ogprime
    Brawler-motermaster,mv1,or primal
    Warrior-hot rod
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    why no love for wasp? His damage output is consistent, he crits decent, you can constantly make the enemy weak and susceptible to crits, his sp attacks are all good, his sp3 inflict burn, and he comes back to life? What's not to like? He's my top bot, a 3* at 1500 pi(I love em enough to forge into him )
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    Does everyone still not see how Grindor should take 3rd below Primal and MM, he's [Removed by Moderation] brick wall that is b no means slow and has a lot to offer with his Signature ability. Hit your opponent while they have 90% power and then hit them with that SP2 and watch the health bar disappear in 3 swipes of rotor blades
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    I have no idea what alliances all of you are in or what levels you play but some of these lists are nonsense. Sure there are top bots but if you really get to know some of the intricacies almost any bot is good.

    Clearly there are winners like OP, Prowl, IH but people commenting on what is good or not and for example, use an r2 in arena, are crazy.
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    necro'ed thread eh lol

    that said, imho there isnt really any best or worst bot per se.. different situations (and mods) call for different abilities and synergies.
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    Why has my post been necro'd?
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    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Why has my post been necro'd?

    Why not? There have been plenty of new bots and bot updates since July.

    We know all bots can be strong in the correct hands, but I still like to read what others think about about different bots.
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    Here’s my list of best bots, don’t really think there are bad bots tbh just a difference of playing style:

    Demo: IH - that SP2...
    Warrior: Bludgeon - versatile with his sword and as a tank
    Brawler: MV - heals with bleed (MM is close second but bleeds too easily and I don’t like that he takes damage during his own SP3)
    Scout: Barricade - I don’t have him 4* yet but i greatly prefer him over WB and Prowl; partly why I’m still hesitating in using my scout T3C
    Tech: Mirage - his heavy evades range, attack and defense move all in one plus his speed
    Tact: I’m still out on this, but leaning towards Starscream
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    I wonder if people's lists will change a few days after Jan 31...
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    After the changes and new bots of the past few months, I figured I would revisit this thread. While I can't really rank then best to worst anymore (except for Ratchet, stay in the medbay!) here's my current picks for best in class.

    Tactician - G1 Megatron. He's a monster, especially if you have a decently ranked Shockwave to be his buddy. His debuffs cripple most of the bots in the game, and his charged heavies chew up health bars. His sig getting awakened just makes things completely unfair.

    Brawler - Either Motormaster or Grimlock. Motormaster is simple, effective, and his sig rewards charging in Leeroy Jenkins style. He can put out stupid levels of damage against anything without a nullify ability. Grimlock is more defensive in his ability, and pretty much requires his sig to be active, but he answers just about every debuff bot and mod out there. He can shrug off shock, burn, bleed, and just hit you harder for it. He's kinda like a Cretaceous Hulk.

    Warrior - Bludgeon. I know he's not popular, but he's versatile and can cover a lot of bases. He's a part of the swordmaster synergy, and his sig pumps that to insane levels. His cannon packs a wallop and his armor takes the sting out of return fire. Again, not flashy but surprisingly effective.

    Scout - Prowl. Oh. My. Primus. Prowl. That S1 can be a gamebreaker all on its own. Now give him a sig that floods him with power, a pretty much unavoidable S2 that can crit for ridiculous damage, and a sturdier chassis than all the other scouts combined. You see where I'm going with this? Nobody, not even some warriors, really counter him all that well, unless you get unlucky and eat a crit from a Demo.

    Tech - Mirage. He's THE perfect tech bot. Provided you don't run into someone's fist, he has: lasting power control from S1, chain-stun capability from S2, ranged immunity/burn cleanse on heavy, and can straight up tank Demo specials thanks to his crit shield. Mirage is awesome.

    Demo - Tied between Ironhide and Mixmaster. Before you throw rocks at me, let me explain. Everyone knows how Ironhide's S2 or, even worse, S3 can literally OHKO things. He has burn on heavies and pretty much can flatten anything you put in front of him. And I'm not sure why I put Mixmaster up there. I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking.

    P.S. Oh dear, I seem to have written a book.

    P.P.S. Mixmaster is still better than Ratchet.
  • Tactician - Dinobot if you count synergies, OG prime with starscream just behind if you count just the bot. Megatron gets easy win for most overrated in game. A weak shock or one armor break gone permanent is not even close to game shattering as purported... in fact he'd trading much better debuffs (soundwave for shock, several bots for armor break but especially dinobot, etc.) for the ability to make the debuff permanent. Which actually is NOT that awesome. Buff stealing way too situational, 5 second duration basically means that a heal is the only amazing thing to steal, is basically just a lower percentage nullify than other bots in MOST cases. Actually the best thing he can do is make his attack decrease permanent (even more useful than just 30% power, perhaps not one fused and one normal power debuff but still), and ironically nobody seems to care about that. Worst is Bumblebee. Dodge is almost/often is a detriment to player.

    Brawler - Optimus MV1. Willpower owns all tiebreakers. Worst... hmmm.... There's only a few and none suck. Although if you don't NEED his debuff resisting, you would probably pick grimlock the least to bring to a fight. Obviously the first you bring though (other than MV1 in some cases) if there are debuffs.

    Scout - Windblade by a nose over prowl without considering swordmaster synergy, by a mile if considering swordmaster synergy. Not a knock on prowl, both are top 5 bots. Worst... sideswipe. Scout is best class though, sideswipe doesn't even suck. He's just the least impressive scount. Sky high damage and power gain with crit masteries though.

    Warrior - This depends on if swordmaster synergy counts. If it doesn't then the WORST is bludgeon. If it does then, well, nobody sucks with this synergy. However Drift is better so, Drift is the BEST if swordsmaster counts. With no consideration of this synergy, Bonecrusher would be best. All you have to do is get to S1 a couple of times and you bleed out anything.

    Tech - Mirage. Does almost anything well other than debuff, top 5 bot. Worst... Shockwave. They tried to save him with synergies (I guess... his synergies are great, like they are throwing candy at you for using him), but even among those, there isn't a swordmaster level synergy in there to actually turn HIM good (unlike Bludgeon).

    Demo - Ironhide best. Sadly cause he is wildly UNexciting to play. Worst is Ramjet. His s2 misses less on combo enders, but they still didn't fix completely. And in order to acquire enough special boosts for his specials to HURT like a demo should, you would have already killed the enemy by hitting them with 10 heavies to try to get said boosts. What sense does a demo class bot with BAD specials make anyway? Even Mixmaster has good specials, which is why he is no longer the worst.
  • my favorite
    brawler: Optimus primal
    tactician: Optimus prime CW
    scout: Sideswipe
    Warrior: Bonecrusher
    tech: Ratchet
    Demolitions: Galvatron
  • My Favs
    Brawler: MV1
    Tactician: Prime OG
    Scout: Bumblebee OG (those that have him dupped should understand why)
    Warrior: Bonecrusher
    Tech: Ratchet (when dupped and forged, he has saved my butt numerous times).
    Demo: Galvatron and Ironhide

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    I love this thread, just about every bot in the roster has a fan in here somewhere. Looking forward to seeing my Ultra Magnus and Shockwave get buffed tomorrow!
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    Tact: OG Prime, G1 Megs, Dinobot, UM, Bee, Screamer.
    Brawler: Motor, Mv1, GL, Grindor, OPL.
    Warrior: BC, Bludgeon, Arcee, Drift, HR
    Scout: Prowl, WB, Bee, Barricade, Sideswipe
    Tech: SW, Rhinox, Mirage, Shockwave, Ratchet
    Demo: IH, Megatron, Ramjet, Wasp, Galvatron, Mix.

    (as player) Brawler>Tact>Demo>Warrior>Scout>Tech
    (as enemy) Brawler>Warrior>Demo>Scout>Tech>Tact
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    So now that everyone has had time to play the buffed bots, has anyone changed thier mind?
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    Vavatron wrote: »
    So now that everyone has had time to play the buffed bots, has anyone changed thier mind?

    I think only Shockwave can go 2 ranks up, being the 2nd after Soundwave. (And this is because Rhinox got nerfed again). Others... remain the same
  • Tactician: I didn't have UM as bad as bumblebee in the first place. I'd put him ahead of the still massively overrated Megatron G1 now though, so he is still a two spot mover if you had him behind bee in the first place.

    Tech: Shockwave is the noticeably better, however Tech is 2nd best class behind Scout in game, so he really only jumped Ratchet for me.

    Demo: Ramjet is still far and away the worst demo (dude, stuns was NOT the reason he was bad... and if it was he stuns only SOME more... also the S2 can still miss, although nowhere near as easily). Galvatron quite possibly better than Ironhide now. I'll say it, I think he legit is the best demo now. But... I already had him as second best even before buff. For most people though, he SHOULD be a huge jumper.

    Scout: I don't think SS needed a buff (worst in best class in game does not mean he was bad in the first place), and it was a befittingly minor buff? He might be a little closer to arguably passing Barricade. Maybe.

    Brawler: Didn't have any buff changes...

    Warrior: Stackable bleeds seems minor for Arcee, but not really if you have the slight-pause-to-sucker-a-dash mastered (so that you were always shooting dashing enemies even before anybody got a bonus for doing so, is just common occurrence in general gameplay anyway). Given stackable bleeds, this means a couple head shots with high crit translating to an accompanying multiple hit S1 that quite likely has another head shot etc... so she stacks like nobody's business all of the sudden. She does an even better impression of WB now. That being said, Bludgeon and Hot Rod were worse off anyway, so she didn't leap frog those guys. She may now be better than Bonecrusher, though obviously Bonecrushers additional bleeds for taking hits are more forgiving for you if you have a sloppy fight... it's close! She WOULD be better than Drift, not counting swordmaster... but is also still worse if you can use swordmaster. If swordmaster didn't exist, may have taken top spot for her class like Galvatron.

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