Suggestions for New Crystal Upgrade

If Kabam keeps in the same system forever, exclusive Crystals will end up with hundreds of Bots ulockable, and things get crazely hard and annoying. Here's my suggestion: you could make exclusive characters become non-exclusive by time pssing subsequently in updates. Example: Waspinator was the first exclusive character in the game. You could add him to be unlockable in the Premium Bot Crystal and, over time, the next ones. This way, players have more acesibility to old Bots and new Bots have bigger unlockability chance.


  • Ray94Ray94 Posts: 41
    edited July 2017
    I dont get how wasp is now being offered in a "special deal" 3 months after he was released when they offered the exact same deal for bots released after him already. I agree though he should be in PBC by now.
  • Here's another one:
    I see you monthly do a Spotlight Mission, and monthly, 2 Bots from this Spotlight become available in Arenas and exclusive limited-time Crystals. I suggest you add a new catagory: monthly, i ask you to make Raid Events that allow player to acquire the 2-Star versions of each exclusive Bots you add in the month purchasable with Bot Chips, and Crystals, with Raid Chips. If you want, you can even simply add 1-Stars. I just ask for them to become a bit more easely ulockable.

    I like Prowl, but i handn't the chance to unlock him, so i would like you to make a one-week Raid Event for him, Soundwave and Ultra Magnus... just as you did with Waspinator, Drift and Hot Rod. I would surely enjoy a lot more the game if you did that;
  • Kabam just wants to keep like this so that people wastes their cash purchasing Energon in the Energon Store. Kabam just doesn't realize people are smart and instead of purchasing Energon, the game starts to annoy them and they unstal it. Instead of winning cash, Kabam looses cash with these smart-ass marketing ideas. I NEVER wasted ANY money with this game and i never will.
  • Seriously, Kabam... for your own sake, i approve the Crystal Upgrade idea for sure. Players will love this game so much more if it actually gets better than it is right now.
  • Agreed, JeitorPrime700.
  • AnubisAnubis Posts: 87
    I agree also I think kabam thinks if people dnt open the featured bot that they will just keep spending till you get him but it just makes people upset when they spend all that money and get nothing were not going to keep playing or buying them.. Now if I was getting good bots then I would keep spending to get more bots and dupe them too but not at what the drop rates are now I payied 65$ to try and win 4* ratchet and got all dupes ill never do that again lesson learned.
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    Está legal.
  • The only money purchase in the game i ever made was the Grimlock Daily Card. I think it was also the only one that was worth it... and that "Gold Crystal" wich you spend Energon in exchange of Gold? It's probably only there in the case a player acidentaly taps there so that he needs to re-purchase the wasted Energon. It should be reversed: 2,000 Gold to purchase an Energon Crystal, wich garantees a minimum of 5 Energon.
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