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Rewards in game

I think some of the rewards-system needs to be adjusted. Solo-missions and Arena are both fair.
You see yourself getting closer to the prizes as you build up a reliable team of characters.

The same does not seem to be the case for Alliance Mission and Alliance Events where you kind of just get an empty feeling after fighting your way through several hours of playing and getting a couple of gold pieces as a reward unless you get the completition where you get a "massive" 1/10 of something I would assume is useful. Event missions is the same, as a team you can spend hours getting into leaderboards, just to see it all be because of just that. A name on a list that has no value.

Your (kabam) other release Contest of Champions was amazing because you got rewarded small prices at the beginning and small events that everybody could actually achieve with small participaction.
In transformers, the bar just seem to have been set at max and the prizes at a minimum, for the co-op modes.

However, other than the reward-system I have nothing but good things and praise to say about this game. Smooth and easy controls, amazing graphics, nice levelling-system and a good selection of variable gameplay-modes.


  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    Don't forget this is still a beta and all these events are tests. They are testing points and rewards to see what is achievable so they have something to go off of upon global release
  • DanhansenDanhansen Posts: 47
    I am aware of this, I am just suggesting an adjustment. As I mentioned, this is a good game and in general the rewards are good and very fair. Except for this small part of the game
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    The am rewards are just like mcoc in regards to the gold and loyalty ia to offset costs of running it is not event to make money you are working to score those crystals which can give t3 shards alpha shards, to help progress your bots. With that being said the ore needs to be removed from shattered crystals we can farm ore all day long the other stuff not so much.

    And comparing rewards on these events to mcoc a game that's approaching 3'years since beta is going to have huge difference the game content ect is so far progressed from where we are currently and I assume as has been stated by mods already when release happens alot of rewards will
    Be tweaked .l
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Oh yeah forgot to mention harder difficulty gives more crystal shards as well all the way to a full crystal or more per bg
  • Thanks for the input! The good news is that we will be making adjustments to rewards in Alliance Missions and possibly some other modes as we move out of Beta into the Global Launch! We're currently tuning and adjusting in preparation for the big day, so stay tuned to see what they'll be like after!
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