Wich Bot Synergies would you like to see in the game?

You guys tell me wich New Bot Synergies you would like to see in Transformers: Forged to Fight.


  • Here are my ones:

    SEEKERS (+3 percent Critical Damage):
    Starscream [G1], Thundercracker[G1] and Skywarp[G1].

    BEAST AND TAMER (+3 percent Attack Rating):
    Shockwave[G1] and Predaking [TF Prime].

    *More Synergy suggestions upcoming.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,736
    Generator: generates 1 Energon per special attack launched

    Gambler: +1% chance to pull a feature bot for every 2* bot opened in feature crystal.


    Obvious troll is obvious
  • OPERATION: OBLITERATION (+3 percent Armor):
    Soundwave[G1] and Ironhide [ROTF].
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