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KenimusPrimeKenimusPrime Posts: 7
edited July 2017 in General Discussion
Disappointed with the state of the game's optional purchases right now. p1w59wz5cdqw.png
Now, I don't mind dropping the ocassional 5, 10 or even 20 dollars when some reasonable deals come up.
But this? Absolutely absurd. Over $80 dollars worth of energon for 3 cinematic crystals which still need to be updated with recent characters and well as 500 four star crystal shards (which also need to be updated with more characters), and thats pretty much it. Nothing truly guaranteed. Now Kabam, if you want customers to support the game, offer more reasonable, smaller sized, purchases. Those are the deals people are willing to spend money on. The fifteen dollars for a guaranteed 3 star bumblebee was a good deal. The hot rod and drift crystal packs were also not bad. Do more things like those. A 3 star MV1 prime deal (similar to the bumblebee one) for $15 dollars is a good example of what to do. Just a suggestion. Comment below if you support this post or disagree, but explain why.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited July 2017
    I kind of agree with you, but I also don't...

    Think about it.

    Divide that deal by 4 and you have the real cost of each item.

    $20 apiece for a guaranteed 3* with a chance at a 4* plus shards and boosts for the other $20.

    Have i bought it? No, none of the bots in that crystal appeal to me, but it seems on par with previous pricing.

    I do agree those crystals need to be updated with new feature bots
  • KenimusPrimeKenimusPrime Posts: 7
    edited July 2017
    Its absurd because the crystals are so outdated, and don't offer the potential toons that it should include. No bot is gauranteed either. No one would want three 3* mixmasters (which the odds are actually quite high for because of the lack of bots available in the crystal).
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    agree.. those crystals are outdated. It's no longer Cinematic Bay movie here.. It's Grimlock and Megatron that is the theme for the spotlight missions!
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 718
    I wouldn't mind duping my 3* Mixmaster three more times! But yeah, it's not really a good fit for the event
  • Slibby8803Slibby8803 Posts: 115
    Actually the price tag didn't bother me too much and I went for it. But I have only spent 2.99 on engergon in the form of the daily card deal. I still have 900 energon left to start saving again. I duped my MV1 3* twice and pulled a 3* Bumble bee which is the last for my 3* Collection (well for the original bots anyways still don't have a prowl, drift, hot rod or megatron) so for 2.99 I thought the price tag was worth it. Also I would love to have duped my Mixmaster again bigger concussive block!!
  • Guys, the price won't pay the characters -- it'll pay the Crystals. About what you receive or what will be your reaction depends on wich Bots you have, what you expected, and you need to understand that the game won't know about it, the chances of getting a good character depends on YOUR luck.
  • Nick_80Nick_80 Posts: 225
    I must have some pretty terrible luck then lol
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited November 2017
    Why would you necro a 5 month old thread to not only post about a completely different topic, but to also violate the forum rules by posting endless messages between yourself and support.

    You're not supposed to do that, fyi. Those are considered confidential.

    And nobody is gonna read your long-winded rants.
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