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His reflective barrier should not work against specials if you use ironhide special you get it reflected back and can't dodge or block ect and end up killing yourself


  • In this game all buffs/debuffs are working in specials animations, if you enjoy how your ratchet healing while doing s3, or enemies burning while IH doing special, or they bleeding while BC/MVI doing their specials, why do you think Sonic Shield shouldn't work in specials animations?
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    PS: without Sonic Shield SW will be a garbage. Think about how he will be good at your base with/without reflection logic you've mentioned
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    I said his shield shouldn't reflect specials said nothing about l3 animation ect no reason you should kick off an l2 his shield goes up while your doing special and kill yourself. Never did my first post say anything about remove his shield please read before posting.
    As well I never use ironhide but his shield shouldn't reflect specials imo especially considering some specials are melee some are not ect. Even bc mine goes off when you do l3 with bludgeon on his cannon fire...: not a melee strike obviously. Specials act differently than normal attacks.
  • Hey! I'll pass this on to the team for consideration, but make no promises!
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    That's great feedback, thank you!

    I can provide more details in regards to our choice to enable the Sonic Shield even against special attacks.

    Demolition Bots (Iron Hide) are supposed to be weak against Tech Bots (Soundwave).

    Scout Bots (Sideswipe, Windblade) who are supposed to be good versus Tech Bots, do not have ranged attacks in their special attacks that can hurt them back.... Sideswipe has it on his second special but it reflects into the ground.

    Plus, players can know when is the Sonic Shield is going to activate. (When Soundwave gets a Power Bar). We are working on ways to better message why did an ability trigger but for now this is my piece of advice. :) Watch his special bar before using your special that contains a ranged attack!
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Thanks for clarifying his shield works differently ect, I personally never use ironhide I hate fighting with him but others in my alliance do being the diversity needed for am. As well as they all hog soundwave from me so I rarely even fight him.

    Definatly seems you all are thinking of and programming more situational and specialist functions
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