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Current bugs and issues not resolved

Since Kabam is being super lazy and that there are lots of different threads about each unique bug, which seems to be too complicated for the support team to follow, I thought it would be a good idea to just post ALL the bugs founds here, maybe that will help them getting resolved faster (who knows, one can dream...). This topic is not aimed to talk about each bug, but just to reference them. Not talking about them will allow more clarity for the team to follow up, if the decide to come in the forum which is a rare occurence nowadays. And please, nothing about crashes as those are very device based and not a general thing.

So let me start the list:

- the IA keeps the special attacks even when baiting for it
- heavy attacks still don't connect after a combo
- the 1 star bot crystal's roster has been reduced to only 6 bots without notification when we still can see the other bots on the crystal's screen
- revenge in raids still don't work
- the away mission screen doesn't move when dragging it
- the shortcut to the stash is not available in the upgrade screen
- when getting hit while blocking, if the camera moves, for different reasons, the bot stops blocking and get hits (this is also true on the IA side)
- some hits just don't hit in the middle of a combo, or after dashing, making it possible for the IA to start blocking or counterattacking (those should hit the targets but seem to hit the air)
- Grindor's critical hits on missiles don't inflict burn
- we need a "help all" buton in arenas
- Ratchet's healing ability only starts when he's transforming back to a robot instead of activiting when becoming an ambulance
- Nightbird's mark allows the bot to evade ranged attack while it should only be mele attack


  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    -Unstoppable bots get hit multiple times when hit by Soundwaves heavy
    - Class disadvantage is not applied to defenders in raids
    - Forge preview shows incorrect amount of experience to be gained by destroying the selected bot(s)
  • NightchrisNightchris Posts: 96
    -After you successfully evade a ranged SP1 sometimes when you go in to hit the enemy (soundwave for example) you always wiff. He than takes a nice 5 hit combo off you.
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    - When having an alliance screen open (regardkess if it's your own or another), when you check the profile of someone in global chat or in your friend list who isn't in you alliance, the button to go to this player's alliance is not available on his profile.
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    edited July 2017
    - When you try and buy an item in AM and you don't have enough energon, it will send you to the energon store and when you come back to the fight select screen, it will not let you select bots. This behavior does not occur when you go to the store on your own and come back to the AM.

    Also, thanks for this thread. I've always been confused why no one else complains about the camera bug (camera changes angle and AI can break out of your combo). Glad to see that one on the list.
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    - we only start the alliance mission with 3 energy when joining a battlegroup right after starting a new mission
    - the alliance crystal doesn't show any notification when it's time to claim it

    I just hope this thread is follow by @Kabam Miike, @Kabam Tenebrous, @Kabam Rimehaven, @Kabam Valkyrie or @Kabam Spice. This is not a rant, just a practical way to share bugs in one place instead of multiple threads getting lost.
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    - there is sometimes a lag when putting a bot KO where he stands up again before falling to the ground
    - bots with evading skills (Arcee, Bumblebee, etc.) often dodge melee or ranged hits during a special attack while it should only be basic melee and ranged attacks
    - display bug in the battle center r0kim7cqoupa.png
  • Hey Peyote!

    We thank you for taking on the initiative to collect a giant list of all the bugs currently in the game. With that being said, I'm going to have to close this thread, not because it isn't appreciated, but it doesn't necessarily help our devs in resolving each of these issues. In the threads that discuss each individual issue or bug specifically, there are normally screenshots and additional information shared that our devs need to better understand the issue. Thank you for all of your help. If you do have any additional information about these bugs, feel free to post them in their respective threads so that our team here can better look into them.
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