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Spent over $1000 US dollars to open crystals just get one 4 star transformer.

I spent over $1000 US dollars to open the crystals and just get one 4 Star transformer. It's that a bug for get 4 star transformer. My friend told me he got the mail from KABAM, said there was the bug for the crystals also gave him back same amount crystals before he opened.


  • Nick_80Nick_80 Posts: 225
    Well I'm sure your pretty salty
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    Sucks bro. Although I'm pretty amazed you kept spending without getting any 4* until you reached $1k.

    The small good news is after opening 2-300 crystals, your 2* bots should have pretty high sig levels and will generate a lot of forge points once you max rank and level them. A maxed 2* sig100 gets about 5000 forge points
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    i wouldn't spend 1k if I were you... should have stopped way before that.
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Forge all the 2*s and 3*s you got out of it, and you should have one or mayyybe two 4* crystals. There you go!
  • Hey there Alandu!

    If you need to get in contact with the Support team, please feel free to put in a support ticket by clicking on the gear in the upper left hand side of the game. Once you get the pop up window, click on support and from there you can submit your support ticket! In regards to your issue at hand, we know it can be frustrating to go through so many crystals and not get a four star bot. With that said, we can't do much here on the forums to remedy this and I will be closing the thread.
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