Replacing inactive alliance leader


I'v been wondering - is there a way to replace alliance leader?
Our leader has not logged in for 17 days and we'd like to get on with Alliance Missions.
One option would be to change alliances but is there any other way?


  • SwiftKeySwiftKey Posts: 18
    No there's no way you can replace the leader u less he logs in and promotes someone to leader and demote himself. You can start a new alliance and invite the rest of the team tho.
  • KrugaKruga Posts: 123
    Just create a new alliance and move everyone still active over to the alliance. It doesn't cost much to create one anyway.
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    leave the alliance and join another.
  • KingChris2KingChris2 Posts: 101
    edited August 2017
    Contact Kabam and see what can they to about it. I know one game company can make someone else a leader if the leader goes inactive.
  • TotherkinsTotherkins Posts: 299
    edited August 2017
    Mcoc can make someone else a leader, I imagine ftf can too. But, I haven't knows of it too happen as of yet. Ask kabam support or pm miike.
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    You guys waited 17 days on this? It would take 5 minutes to make a new alliance and have everyone hop over.
  • The easiest thing would be to make a new Alliance, but you can contact our Support Team about this as well! Just make sure to have the Officer that will take over contact them.
  • This probably sounds stupid, but how do you accept a request to join an alliance, as leader? I'm doing this, right now, and the folks who were leaving, with me, have said they've sent requests, but I have seen no requests, particularly under "Manage," which is where you would think pending requests would be found, where you MANAGE the players who are in your alliance... Thanks!
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