Survival mode?

In current Arena mode, it is somehow time consuming to select my team of three, pick enemy, line up and start the fight. All those 'loading' screens are... frustrating.

I would rather fight an endless battle with my roster in random order, against whichever opponent jumping in, until my entire team is KO'ed, and see how many points I get (based on the sum of PI of KO'ed opponents).



  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    I think there's a difference between streamlining and just automating the entire game.

    It's cool you imagine ways the game could be better - lots of players doing that means more ideas going to the ppl who create our entertainment :) My suggestion is focus on the bits of the game that are needlessly slow, not the bots where you have to do something because you actually need to *play* the game

    Eg: rather than the delay from picking your team (which involves a bit of strategy), the delay we get when the game has to communicate with the server every time we ask the alliance for help with a bot... that's something that could be streamlined without actually cutting the player out of the game! My guess is that kind of feedback goes further
  • That would be awesome, I think for survival it should be like sf5( Street Fighter 5) or shadow fight, u pick one bot , then there would be opponents which are random bots, and the power will rise as you beat more levels and then the ultimate would be a 4 star maxed out Megatron. There would be from 89-23xx
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