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Base gold pickup not displaying properly

When the base defense bots finish mining gold, the small red "gold read" icon appears on the Base tab of the menu. But sometimes the defending bots' icons don't receive the gold ring around their face to indicate where the gold is available.

It's not a massive deal, but it means we have to click on each one, zooming into that node if they aren't the bot with gold available. It just takes time and I'm sure it's an easy fix. Although I note it was raised on April 30 by Tom777.


  • Hey!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention again. I’m sorry we missed it on the first go around back then. I definitely want to look into this to see what I can find out. Hang tight a little bit longer and I will take this to the team!
  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 286
    I have run into this issue as well where the bot portrait is not highlighted gold, making it difficult to see which bot you can collect gold from. Just FYI - you can also look at the base just under the icon of the bot on the node. If its gold colored, then that is the bot you can still collect gold from. Even if the portrait itself is not highlighted yellow, the node "dot" always seems to have the gold color if you can collect.
  • Hey again!

    Our teams are going to keep an eye out for this bug you and others have been running into. In the meantime, the mention of the node's changing to yellow by @Stitch626 is another way of seeing which bots currently have gold to be collected. I'm sorry for the confusion the issue causes!
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590

    And thanks Stitch, I'd never noticed that little light under the profile before. It's a good bandaid :)
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