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Pause Raid Timer Countdown Between Rounds.

FocusOnThisBlurFocusOnThisBlur Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in General Discussion
It can get annoying when mobile carrier reception is flakey or while purchasing energon between rounds... How many would find it more appealing if the countdown paused between rounds during raids???

Pause Raid Timer Countdown Between Rounds. 12 votes

GambadisqualoElectra99FocusOnThisBlurDaritron 4 votes
MustangjonnomisuMufc14 3 votes
Yay but not during purchase of energon.
CandKaneKingChris2DrkPrinzKomBatManTheTallguyDT 5 votes


  • Hey gang!

    I love the use of a poll to help give us further feedback towards our game! Where I understand the desire for pausing between rounds, be it to step away for a moment or your connection is poor, it’s a mechanic set into place to better build the desire to finish these rounds promptly. It gives the sense of a quicker challenge than our weekly or special event quests.

    I definitely understand the connection issue being a major problem and I’m sorry for the times any of you have experienced them. However, please don’t hesitate in providing us with further feedback about the raids. They’re definitely a feature we want to keep as fun as possible for all of you!

    That being said we’ll bring this to the team for discussion!
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