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When i first started the game i didn't know it was still in beta until i actually came on the forum to get some tips about how i can improve my gaming experience. Although i'm still fairly new at the game and still don't quiet understand it but i really enjoyed it a lot. i basically spend my 7 gigs of data on this game alone and not once think its not worth it. As i was reading on the forum I saw someone post about potentially adding new bots to the game and heard that there will be many more bots to come which made me excited for the full release of the game to come out and how many bots we'll see by the end of the games development. Some clans or specific bots I would like to see in the game probably later down the line would be-
(will be long but detailed, Series / Type / Name)

Transformers prime series


-Alternative bumblebee (black & yellow)

-Megatron (Dark energon form)

Beast wars/ Beast wars:Transmetal

-Optimus Primal
-Depth Charge

-Megatron (T.Rex Form & Dragon)
-Dinobot Clone

Transformers Movies


-The fallen
-Stinger (Pagani Huayra, made by KSI Prototype modeled after Bumblebee)
-Two heads (age

I do have more but i just cant think of them, if anyone else has anymore that they would like to see feel free to put it here.


  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    Bots are usually released every 2 weeks through featured arenas... i know this game is different but mcoc has plans till past 2020 and has been running over 2 years so I assume this game has long plans so many bots will come. Just a waiting game
  • Thanks for the suggestions! While we can't promise that all these bots will make it into the game, or even hint at when they may, it's AWESOME to get player feedback! We're happy you're enjoying everything so far!
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