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Why does ppl have to be mean on global chat

kabam why does ppl fight why can't u Kabam come in and block the 2 ppl arguing


  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    If ppl r bothering u on global just block them
  • Hey, @XBOXREAPER ! We do have moderation in the Global Chat rooms however, we don't always catch everything every time. If players are violating our Terms of Service, please feel free to report them in the chat, and if it's very severe, we'd greatly appreciate a report directly to our Support Team with screenshots of the offensive behavior.

    That said, Elitehunter is also correct. If others are simply bothering you, and not really violating our Terms of Service, you're always welcome to block them. This way, you won't see their comments in Global Chat any longer.

    This article explains in further detail how to block other players in chat. Hope this helps!
  • Black6Black6 Posts: 14
    Why don't you learn how to deal with human nature? Talk trash back, ignore em, block em... Kabam needs to retool the whole chat interface..
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