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Kabam why do u guys rigged the Crystals ?

Why do u rig ever Crystal ?


  • Hi there! I'm sorry to hear what sounds like a streak of bad luck. Our Crystals aren't "rigged". They are random, and what comes from them has no bearing on what you may have previously opened or what you already have in your roster.

    There's some more information here at this link.

    You can also find additional information in-game by tapping the gear in the upper left-hand corner of your Base View, then choosing Support. A search for "drop" or "crystal" should get you some results to learn more about what you can expect to receive in each!

    As a side note, please remember that the purpose of these forums is for discussion among your fellow Commanders regarding the game. While moderation is here to keep the forums clean, we can't always reply to each and every thread so we do ask you to please not direct threads to "Kabam" or specific moderators. Other commanders may be able to answer a lot of the questions that pop up!
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