Crashing more frequently after the update.

Well, after the update us tablet players have been crashing even more, loading screens cause a crash 50% of the time now.

Not just impassioned and raid loading screens, loading screens in general now.

Please kabam i hope this is a after update glitch and needs a fix up, otherwise the game is unplayable right now and my good account would be wasted.


  • CringeCringe Posts: 26
    Note: I play on an iPad Air 1 with all the latest updates, 6GB of space used around 6GB of space left on it.
  • Hey Cringe,

    I definitely understand how frustrating this can be for you, however, we've been around this topic before. We're aware on our side that there is still work which needs to be done in order to better stabilize our game and we are definitely working on that. This process, though, is long term and will take time.

    In mentioning that I'd like to also make a note on another subject brought up regarding devices. There are many different types of devices and each one works differently in turn. With that said, manufacturers invest their efforts in parts that others may not and thus allowing certain games to run properly but maybe not this one. It's an unfortunate case, but this is something to take into consideration.

    We are working and going to continue working towards having this game run smoother on all devices, but know that it won't change overnight based on posts being made several times about the same issues. I'm aware that this post is in mentioning towards our recent 3.0 Update, but all previous statements towards devices and how the game runs will continue to stand. Know that we are not ignoring the issue and we are diligently working on it.

    I apologize for the frustrations this is causing you, but being as this thread is in relation to your device having issues similar to previous threads spoken in I will be closing it.
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