Raids are Back, and they're bringing a Mastery Core Event!

Hey Commanders!

After the issues that arose with Raids yesterday that forced us to have to disable them until we could find and fix the cause of the crash, and we are happy to announce that they are back!

We're also taking this opportunity to add Mastery Cores to the Raid Store! For a limited time only, 2 Tier 1 Mastery Cores will be available for purchase in the Raid Store. Use those Cores to unlock Masteries and bolster your Roster!

Already used all the Cores you need? Remember! There are more Masteries coming. Not all of which will use the Tier 1 Mastery Cores, but it's always good to stock up!

Don't see the Cores in the Raid store yet? Don't worry! They'll be there soon!
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