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Alliance Energy Removed

I believe there's a bug with Alliance energy. I will purchase 5 Alliance energies and will only use 1 but all will be taken from me.

Please view my account logs DIKAIO



  • I've had something like that happened to me when I was in an alliance earlier this month. On the alliance missions, I could move to the closest enemy and it wouldn't take any energy, but once I did that, my energy would drop from 5 down to 2. EVERY time. From there, it would either drop 1 more point per node I moved or 1 point per next enemy--either or, like the game couldn't settle on how to take my alliance energy.
  • DIKAIODIKAIO Posts: 18
    Still no response from moderators. @Halloweendm could you email me at [email protected] - Thanks.
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