Character Suggestions

These are a list of characters that I think should be included in the future:
(All Cinematic versions)
Mirage (Dino)
Skids and Mudflap
Devastator (The tank in the first movie)
All constructicons
The Wreckers
Deception Stinger

Also, I think it would be cool to have a movie story mode, where you play thru a story mode that follows the plot of the movies.


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    Awesome suggestions! :)

    For Kabam's sake, there is already a Character Suggestion thread present:

    Feel free to give it a look!
  • The game should have hound and crosshairs
  • The movie version
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    I would like these bots to be added (I will suggest classes below)

    (All from movies)

    -Megatron from transformers the last knight (Warrior class)

    -The Fallen from transformers ROTF (Warrior class)

    -Brawl from transformers 1 (Demolision or Brawler)

    -Sentinel prime from dark of the moon (Tactician, Brawler or Warrior)

    -Soundwave (Tech or scout) and Shockwave (Tech or demolision) from dark of the moon.

    All bots who can combine devastator form ROTF:

    -Rampage (Warrior class)

    -Scavenger (Demolision or Brawler)

    -Scrapper (All classes exept tech and scout)

    -Long Haul (Brawler class)

    -High Tower (Demolision)

    -Overload (Warrior class)

    And i would like if bludgeon's pink color will be replaced by brown color.
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    Never forget Wheeljack, he would be great to play with/as. Add him to the list.
  • Hey folks!

    There's a robust and long thread on character suggestions here that would be a perfect fit for these posts, especially since this thread hasn't been touched since last October. For the sake of cleanliness and to limit confusion I'm going to close this thread, but please feel free to join the discussion by following that link!
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