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Anyone else with the same luck?

I bought 9 Starscream crystals and got one 3* duplicate plus 8 2* duplicates... No Screamer :(

Is anyone in the same boat as me?


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Most people would be in that boat, it's still a low odds rate for 4* and 3*
  • OP7842OP7842 Posts: 46
    Doesn't seem to matter which crystal I get lately, I keep getting 2* Sideswipe, again and again and again.
  • jjack314jjack314 Posts: 37
    I bought 5 and got a 4* Prowl and 3* Starscream. So no, not in your boat
  • jjack314jjack314 Posts: 37
    I have a working theory and I haven't missed out on a featured bot yet.
  • OtriumOtrium Posts: 91
    Tell us the theory pls!
  • OtriumOtrium Posts: 91
    @jjack314 tell us the theory pls would like to hear it
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,080
    The theory is: apply for a Kabam tester job >:)
  • The drop rates on this game are ridiculous
  • Nick_80Nick_80 Posts: 225
    I have never pulled a 3* featured :(
  • jjack314jjack314 Posts: 37
    You think if I post the theory, they won't change the rates? Then we are all screwed. DM here or on Line APP: JJACK314
    You may not like the theory, but it works
  • Mmm I think its a misconception that the featured bot crystal has a higher chance.

    It's merely a crystal that has ANY chance at all of pulling that bot(and others that are not added to premium/3/4 crystals yet).
  • The only featured bot I pulled was Grimlock. And that was out of 8 crystals. I bought 5 starscream crystals and got 1 3* drift.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Pull a finger if you want any a guaranteed result
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 440
    Mustangjon wrote: »
    Pull a finger if you want any a guaranteed result

    Sounds about right. Lol.

    Featured bot crystals are what they are. PBCs with a chance at the featured bots contained within. Some people have dropped $1000+ on featured bot crystals and not pulled a 4* of the featured bot. Odds are what they are but if they were higher, we would all have 4* filled rosters and have nothing left to aim for.
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