Raid leaderboard Rewards

I know there’ll be a new raid system and all. But thing is, there’s this leaderboard and people keep shifting around the top spots. There isn’t much motivation to be at the top of there wasn’t like rewards(maybe weekly) for spots on leaderboard. Just my opinion. This isn’t the leaderboard in mcoc where people are ranked based on ratings. Here, we actually fight to grab top spots, and I personally think this should be rewarded. Anyone who disagrees, just say why in comments section.


  • BurbanBurban Posts: 2
    I dont like you.....well not much...well just on tuesdays. What was your question?
    Yes they should get gold hourly as the hold top spots or every few hours...agreed.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    I've brought this idea up since beta I can't count how many times there are so many ways they could implement rewards for rank, could do a simple weekly reset and would give out out similar to arena like rank rewards. Top 1 % and down type stuff. Then each week would be end of week push to be better
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 439
    Yeah. I've been in top 100 numerous times and I never care to attempt to stay there because what's the reward for it? Nothing. As nice as it is to see your name at the top, for me and I imagine several others, it just isn't enough motivation to raid or worry about where I'm at on the leaderboards. I'm quite content to just hang out in the 1800 medal range and not raid at all. I probably farm more chips though away missions now.

    Having said that tho, how would they implement a reward? If you did weekly, would our medal count reset weekly? How would this affect medal count restricted raid store items? I believe some rewards are a bit necessary to entice players to continue to raiding but I don't particularly want to see my medal count reset periodically or the same top players always at top because there is a growing gap at the top of the boards.

    Maybe do a monthly league? Could be interesting.
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    Monthly! Sounds exhausting. Can you imagine being someone who competes for that at the top end?

    If monthly events ever happen I hope it's after a much higher amount of concept testing than we usually see evidence of
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 439
    I'm not sure there is a lot of concept testing. And just a thought. Exhausting perhaps. Maybe every 2 weeks? Weekly just sounds too often imo. Definitely doable, just needs some testing. Too bad we're already about to test something else that's.....meh
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Well another game I played reset weekly but you had tiers where position 1-100 would reset down to say 1750 next tier would reset to 1500 and so forth. But there they gave top spot got a 4*, top 50 got a 3* top xxx got 2* and they were rare characters. Obviously this was a totally different game and system but I think something like this could make it fun, build yourself up during week then final night would be a rush hour. Downside am would keep some people from using best bots, but either way its a baseline idea maybe they could run with
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