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What Bots are in Brain Gain Bundle?

I know they feature Shockwave and Soundwave but I am wondering what other previously featured bots are also in the crystals? 4* Rat or Grim? Usually it says all previous featured bots are also included. I know that can't say that this time since Starscream wouldn't be in the Shockwave crystal and a whole bunch wouldn't be in the Cassette crystal.

It would be nice to know what 4*s are at least available in them. For now, they just look like PBCs with Shock/Soundwave added and no one else. Is this a correct assumption?

For the future crystal bundles, it would be good info to know who is in it aside from the standard ones in PBCs.


  • SirBoltsSirBolts Posts: 42
    anyone actually got this bundle yet? is it even worth getting?

    I mean maybe for Shockwave but Soundwave is in the PBCs so getting him is a lot easier....
  • JKLJKL Posts: 992
    edited August 2017
    @Kabam Miike would you mind finding out before the bundle expires? Thank you.
  • Hey Guys!

    So, the Logic Crystals contain Shockwave, and all the bots featured previous to him. That means Ratchet, Grimlock, Drift, Megatron, etc.

    The Cassette Crystal contains Soundwave, and all of the Bots released prior to him. Even though Soundwave has already been added to the PBC, this one features a greater chance of dropping a Soundwave.
  • JKLJKL Posts: 992
    Awesome, that's help. Would the chances for a Shockwave be the same as the chance for the previous featured bots in the Logic crystal? For example, x% for 4* Shockwave but also the same x% for 4* Megatron?
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