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Forging 2* Bot - 3* Shard Limit?

Is there a limit (daily or otherwise) on the number of 3* shards you can get from forging 2*s? I had never forged 2*s into my 3* before the other day, so they were fairly powerful 2*s. The first 5 or so gave me 3* shards in the range of 400-600, then nothing. So I had 2 or 3 high level 2* bots forged w/o getting 3* shards.


  • KrugaKruga Posts: 123
    Shouldn't be the case, if you are in fact forging a 2* bot and not 1*.

    The shards from forging majority comes from the Signature Move level, and the others comes from your bot levels and ranks.
  • They were definitely 2*s and in the 500+ power range. Not sure if they what ability level they were though. Is there a guide somewhere that gives specifics on how these things work?
  • There is a guide to forging here:


    As for a limit, no, there is no limit that I've ever experienced. I've gotten up to 3 3* bot crystals from forging my 2* in the past.
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