Raid event complete. Thoughts and opinions

Having recently gotten the 3 star Shockwave from this event, I now have a couple things on my mind.

First off, is it worth doing? Kind of. For me, this was just to awaken his ability. Though the effort required for just the 3 star is not worth doing, you still get all the rewards that come with raiding in general, Alpha sparks especially. Shockwave isn't that strong right now, so unless you really love him as a character, it might not be worth your time.

In my opinion, 8k raid chips would be a fair amount. Most players who will beat this event are the ones that no longer need 3 star characters. The players that would actually benefit from this will have to either not waste a second like I did, or spend loads of energon for raids. Though I understand that this reward was for the really hard working players, not everyone is able to dedicate such an amount of time to a game. My college classes just happened to be spaced in a really convenient way so I could raid between them.

Raids as a whole changed several times during the week, or at least it felt like it did. There was this phase were defending bots were inhumanly reactive to the point where hitting them was a painstaking challenge in itself. This did however decline after the forum blew up about it. Now, it seems a bit more on level. Harm Accelerator is still overpowered as all heck but it always has been and probably always will be.

My last impression in the reward itself, Shockwave. I already went on my little tangent about how he needs one more trait to get him that last push out of the under-powered spot, but that was before I had his ability. Did it make a difference? Not really. Undo is a cool concept but most players won't get past a level 20 version on a good rating. the chances of it happening are just way too slim. I tried it and went for seven fights without it going off. Right now it's 16.8% at level 5 and gets to about 34% at level 100. 22% level 5 and 45% level 100 wouldn't be a bad change.

When it does activate though, you have a great opportunity to coax out a heavy attack or special from your opponent. This will drain their energy and build yours for hopefully no cost of HP. I did this when fighting Grimlock and took his S2 full on and healed every bit. Almost 2,500 damage since he crit both hits. Neat as that was, if the chances were increased, I think that would possibly cover for his lack of traits and make Shockwave more formidable as a durable opportunist. For now, he's a very picky fighter that works well against characters that stand back and shoot often. I don't think that should change, but I do think some small improvements would do him a lot of good.

How are you guys doing on the raid event so far and what are your thoughts about this reappearing in the future?



  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    imo this event was brutal for people like me who need to work for most of the day..

    so i only got the 2* ver and just raided enough to get some alpha daily.

    i usually level a bot on how well that bot would fit into my existing team or whether there are good synergies..

    if shockwave had something similar to megs i would consider.. but fielding all same type bots is just.. impractical. undo is also meh as a sig too unpredictable to be of use tbh.

    generally it was disappointing and i might just quit altogether if kabam keeps this up.
  • @nomisu

    It was a rough one. A lot of people did want a Shockwave raid even though. xD

    Hopefully Shockwave will get something to move him up. If played really well, he's a demo destroyer like no one else, but it's not easy to do at higher levels.

    This game does either take a lot of dedication or money to keep up in. You may want to do what my friend does and just play the game with 2 star characters since they're easy to get. You can fight in the arena as a form of casual gameplay when ever you feel like doing so. Kinda like a classic arcade fighter. Mastery points are also more effective on lower level bots so you can actually notice a difference in them.
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