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Strongly suggest to reduce the arena opponent from 3 to 1

To be consistent with the new raid system, I would strongly suggest that the Arena opponent choice should be reduced from 3 to 1, for the similar reason as why the raid system has to be changed. :)
Right now players have noted multiple times that the current arena ladder and tiers are fractured, and quite inaccurate. There is an inherent issue with the arena system where players are able to rise through the Ranks of winning to a place that they do not yet belong by continuously defeating opponents that are well below their capabilities,
This is the result of players constantly choosing the opponents that they are well overqualified for, after 15 winning streaks. We realize that this may be a jarring change to start with, but it is a necessary one for the health and future of the system.
Refreshing arena Opponents will no longer cost a full 5 Energon. Instead, refreshing will cost 2 Energon and scale up to the full value of 5 Energon. This scaling will reset after 12 hours.

Have fun! :)


  • I see where you're trying to go with this, and I know it's just meant to be funny, but there's a lot of inaccuracies here that kind of show that maybe you understand why the changes had to be made to Raids.

    Arenas are not a persistent game mode where your continuous performance needs to be taken into consideration. They're on a one by one basis, where you can perform well in one and then totally choose to skip out on the next, but that doesn't affect how other players do.

    There doesn't need to be a permanent ladder for Arenas, where as raids are a constant PvP mode, where we need to be able to compare everybody on one scale, and having a system where somebody could artificially inflate their own position was not okay.

    Closing this thread down now.
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