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Deleting a Kabam account

StormerPlayzStormerPlayz Posts: 1
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I (Removed by Moderation, replaced with "messed up") badly, i first made a account on my phone and named my commander. Then i went on my ipad to see if it worked there. I then created a kabam account on my ipad but if i want to use that name it says it is taken (by me on my phone). Does anyone know how to delete one of these accounts??


  • Hey there StormerPlayz! You'll need to contact our support team for account specific assistance as we are not able to help with these type of issues in the public forums. To do so, in the game please tap the gear in the upper left hand corner, and then you can choose "Support" from here. As a side note, I have edited your post. Please review the forum rules and avoid using profanity as users may be as young as 13 in the forums. Thanks!
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