Laser Guidance Module increases animation speed

I believe that there is an additional unintended benefit associated with deploying a LGM in your base.
Projectile speed is supposed to be increased, but I believe not projectile animations associated with an attractive have also been changed.
This is most noticeable on Soundwave's SP2 where his leap forward is significantly harder to dodge than it is without the mod.
It's also noticeable on the day forward on Ironhide's SP1.
Can someone look into this? Logically something that makes your shots go faster shouldn't make your bot be able too move faster.


  • The AI skips animation frames whenever it feels like it, or else Kabam can hit a "God-mode" switch on the server end. Not just a problem with LGM, the game shatters it's own rules to give the AI any advantage it can get.
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