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Character Suggestion Poll - Wheeljack or Jazz?

DatBoiLivesDatBoiLives Posts: 60
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In my previous Character Suggestion Poll ( https://forums.transformersforgedtofight.com/discussion/1889/character-suggestion-poll-g1-autobot-characters-who-do-you-want#latest ) with Wheeljack, Jazz, Ironhide, and Bumblebee, most people voted for Wheeljack and Jazz. They were WAY more popular than the others. Sadly as I predicted, Ironhide fell all the way to rock bottom.

So, I'm launching a new poll between Wheeljack and Jazz, the highest competitors. Please vote and just maybe, Kabam will add either of them in. Thanks to all participants.

Character Suggestion Poll - Wheeljack or Jazz? 52 votes

ManthroMegaKuppCakeAndum7TerminalnomisuDirculesGunz0IvanTySonerbabaNick_80DrShotgunDatBoiLivesDrake6401InsanecloudViralintheFrayjjjjkjDaritronUmerrockElMaty14Kabuki 23 votes
Kabam MiikeFrench_BakerCandKaneJoker69MallowmanPromethium1GrogGochaBROSaYnTMnicely80BOFADplayer1729NauticaRequiemPrimesabre_777Shockwaves_jdjcjdjxAvelinoSousaZionixDestroyerredshift9Crosshairs124 29 votes


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