Which 4* Should I Rank 3 First?

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Which 4* Should I Rank 3 First? 19 votes

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Drift (Duped)
French_BakerDaviennomisuDirculesPromethium1IvanTyShadowind_Prime13 7 votes


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    Drift (Duped)
    Drift duped is better than MTM. He's even slightly better than bonecrusher in the right hands. Just try to avoid getting hit to fill up his combo count.
  • DavienDavien Posts: 758
    Drift (Duped)
    If you have MTM duped then yes he's better go to than drift duped.
  • Really just depends on your playstyle. I have a r3 4* MM and I LOVE him! He has high attack and his Unstoppable charge works even without being duped. His duped ability just makes him stronger as his HP gets lower, so while it is a really good SA, its not what really makes MM shine. MM allows for a slightly more aggressive playstyle, which works well for me.
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