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Crystal issue

I made a discussion about this when I started playing. Someone enlightened me on this issue and I calmed down. But after what happened to me yesterday, I had to write about this. I spent 2 months building up 1,000 energon because I was certain that you (Kabam) would release special offer granting 10 Grimlock crystals and 5 gold crystals. I bought the pack and braces to see what i would get. I received 2 Optimus Primes, 2 Bumblebees (both of which I already have), a Sideswipe, a Barricade, a Mirage, an Ironhide, a Mixmaster, and a Rhinox. All of these were 2 stars. I opened 4 back when they were on the store and calendar. That is a total of 14 crystals. I only received one 3 star character. That was Megatron. 14 crystals and only one could truly help me in the long run. This upset me so much. I can guarantee there are hundreds of players that feel my frustration. This game has been out for a while now yet nothing has been done to fix this. I keep reading feedback from the App Store saying that the drop rate was created with the players feedback in mind. But I've read hundreds of comments with the same complaint as my own: the rigged crystals. If this username (from here and my Commander name) didn't make it obvious, all I ever wanted from this game was to kick some bot with a four star Grimlock. But this crystal system makes that concept of playing as your favorite characters from all the different continuities near impossible. I really hope you take this into consideration Kabam. You gotta make the players happy. If any developers read this I thank you for taking the time to read my complaint and hopefully take it into consideration.


  • Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the crystals constructively, FulMetalGrimlok! As you're looking specifically for a 4-star bot, this link here might be of some help! May luck (and Grimlock) be on your side!
  • Damn that’s a tough take to read. The average player works hard to gain 1k energon over two months and wants a grimlock very bad so he gambles on crystals and what does he get 10 2’s.

    This is the exact reason why the game is grumbling. Yes kabam has to make there money but you do not have the hardcore fan base like in marvel that I have been preaching about s8nce the game started. Different players play this game. Yes you top 5% wil be the hardcore do whatever but the other 95% run into this problem. They don’t have the time to rally up 10k starscream units either for a three star.

    Maybe a suggestion since this is a totally different game than mcoc maybe we have a rotated “feature champion” of the week for players like this. It costs 1.5k energon but you have a 100% chance to get that four star. You can only do this once every two months or something like that.

    It will give the casual player something to look for rather than gambling and rage quitting.

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