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Quick question as I'm trying to understand how these bot synergies were decided when making the bots. I'll use this as an example:

Barricade has a synergy with BC with additional armor but BC doesn't have a synergy in return when paired with Barricade. MV1 has a synergy with BC but BC doesn't have one with MV1.

Conversely, both MM and OP have synergies with each other. I'm sure there are MANY other examples above.

I'm just trying to understand why things were decided the way they were.


  • I can't say WHY but some characters just have outgoing synergies while others give each other something. You can see in bound synergies on the bot selection screen by tapping the synergy tab twice.
  • Bots need more AM synergies. There's only one AM synergy in the whole game, and it's only with combined forces of Mixmaster Ironhide and Rhinox. Give more bots a AM synergy.
  • More synergies everywhere would be great. They are all very weak with little diversity and the synergies aren't impactful enough to promote any changes. Even 4* synergies are very weak.

    Base synergies would also help with diversity.
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